Hilltop Community Garden

Hilltop Children's Community Garden

Here we grow again! The Hilltop Community Garden is now open! It is just across the street from our Childcare Center on S. College Avenue. The garden has a waterline, colorful fencing, and raised beds for garden boxes.

There is an interactive children's garden with tools, a mud kitchen, garden root boxes, a pavilion, musical instruments, and raised garden beds to start!  We  also have a children's learning circle! This children's garden is five times bigger than our current playground. 


Children's Community Garden

Our early childhood interactive garden is open the same hours as Hilltop's childcare. Our garden produce are given to those who grow it and the Hilltop Food Pantry. 

This addtioned to Hilltop neighborhood has brought many new memories and Hilltop is grateful for the donors who made it possibleChildren need to run and play in grass and giggle with their friends, so do adults, and learning to grow your own food and flowers are life skills we can all benefit from!  

Let's all GROW together!

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(219) 477-4222

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