Food Pantry and Mission Kitchen

Why Hilltop's Food Pantry is Important to the Community

Food insecurity is harmful for all people, but it is particularly devastating to children. Not having enough healthy food can have serious implications for a child’s physical, mental and academic development, as well as impact their future economic prosperity.

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Hilltop's Food Pantry Vision

It is clear from local data and national research that access to healthy food is a significant challenge for most low-income families. Hilltop’s food pantry offers healthy options for those in need. Our pantry has a variety of goods, such as, canned vegetables and fruit, fresh vegetables and fruit, fresh dairy and eggs, bread, and many more food items. 

How the  Food Pantry works

All food and essential supplies are donated by local individuals, churches, civic groups, businesses and schools. The Hilltop Food Pantry also has partnerships with Walmart, Strack & Van Til, and other local area grocers. Donated food is dropped off at Hilltop’s Food Pantry and our dedicated pantry staff and volunteers help distribute it to the community.

If you or your family and friends are interested in conducting a drive for The Hilltop Food Pantry, please contact us at (219) 477-4222 

Hilltop  Soup Kitchen

Our soup kitchen will be open 2 days a week to serve free, hot meals to those in the Valparaiso community. The soup kitchen will be located at 608 Union Street next to Hilltop's Food Pantry.

Hilltop's soup kitchen is currently under construction and will open soon!

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